Spectral sensitivity measurements quantify the camera response across the spectrum. For our work, and typical RGB commercial cameras, this spectral range can be reasonably limited to the visible range, approximately 400nm to 700nm. These responses are dependent (and therefore might change) on the camera configuration, so it is best practice to perform the measurements using an exposure and aperture that are going to be typical for your usual imaging applications. Some customers may prefer the measurements be made with no lens, onto the bare sensor.

Since each imaging system is different, we may ask that the customer not only provide the actual camera, lens, and setup parameters, but also a computer and software, unless the camera can be controlled by Capture One. We cannot maintain software to control any camera, but Capture One can handle almost anything. This file lists all cameras and file formats currently supported by Capture One (link valid as of Feb ’22).

From the spectral sensitivity data, the camera responses can be modeled for any sample and illumination combination. This is invaluable for many scientific and research applications.