We have experience delivering a variety of color science and measurement services, any of which can be completely customized to your needs. A few examples:

Accurate color measurements of areas as small as 500μm.(More)Custom optical configurations for when your problems require non-conventional solutions.(More)
Transmittance measurement quantifying light protection from the sun, and characterizing PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) values for greenhouse covering.Accurate measurement of pool wall LRV (Light reflectance value). LRV is the industry-standard measurement for this application. (More)
Halftone image tooltipModeling technique developed for custom printing onto novel materials. (More)Customized training modules created and delivered. (More)
On-site NIST-traceable measurements of customer products. (More)Intellectual property evaluation and protection. (More)
Projector characterization and life-testing (More)Goniospectrophotometric analysis of materials, including office products, paints & plastics, metals, wood grain, and various types of printed substrates. (More)
Camera spectral sensitivity measurements (More)Custom color targets manufactured to your specifications (spectrally or colorimetrically defined), using using our proprietary laminatation process. (More)

Note: for some past work we apologize for a lack of specificity. Most of these jobs were carried out under NDA. We fully respect the legal and intellectual property rights of all our clients.