Why you should work with us

We have the experience and ability to address your needs quickly and accurately, and confidentially if need be. We have completed projects for a range of customers including organizations involved with: printing and imaging; eye care; outdoor equipment; intellectual property; glass and filter manufacturing; displays; and more. Our goal is always to provide you with timely, accurate measurements, or ensure you have the knowledge, instruments, and standards to make those measurements in-house.


Our contacts in the color imaging and measurement fields mean we can provide you with an integrated solution for projects of any scope. Through our network we can extend our state-of-the-art instrumentation and facilities that insure the most important work – yours – is completed in an accurate and efficient way. We will keep your processes on target!

All of our clients shared a single need: an agile company, able to assess their requirements and solve their problems in a timely and economical way. Contact us and you will not be disappointed.