Traceable and custom color measurements to control and verify your processes

Avian Rochester can deliver high-accuracy (low uncertainty) color measurements from 250nm to 2.5┬Ám. The simplest of these are bidirectional (45c:0) visible measurements, but hemispherical measurements are also available in visible and through out the UV-VIS-IR range. We will help you determine the appropriate measurement geometry and align the uncertainty with your needs. All of our measurements using traditional geometries are traceable to NRC and/or NIST.

If you use non-standard geometries, custom measurements will be required. These tend to require a technical discussion to ensure that our measurement system will produce data applicable to your processes. This can be a complex process, but precision is important for you to receive the best results for your investment.

Once we agree on the process, your measurement data will be supplied along with a detailed report explaining each step of the physical procedure, as well as all processing steps needed to reduce your data. You will receive results that can be immediately applied to your work process.