Custom Optical Configurations

There are many color and spectral measurement needs that are not met by traditional instrumentation.

We can configure our optical hardware to create custom measurement geometries to meet your unique requirements. For other applications, traditional 45°:0° or d:8° may be appropriate, but the sample positioning hardware of traditional instruments is insufficient.

For either of these two cases, your options are limited. By engaging Avian Rochester, you will have the assurance of our measurement expertise and confidence in accurate measurements. We will work with you to quantify your measurement requirements, and implement them using our flexible optical hardware. A partial list of available hardware includes: Computer controlled micron-precision XY stage Computer controlled monochromator Traceable detectors in visible, UV, and NIR Traceable microvolt and picoamp meters Small-spot spectroradiometers Xenon, QTH, deuterium sources cover the UV, VIS, and NIR spectrum Integrating spheres for uniform sources or diffuse collection Flexible software for custom procedures and measurement sequences Complete variety of 2D stages and 1D slides for manual positioning Optical breadboards and accompanying hardware Custom optical enclosures ensure dark conditions
If you require permanent apparatus for your ongoing measurements, we can arrange to transfer ownership of any assembly to your company. The ultimate location could be at your site to be used by your technicians, or it can remain at our facility and we will continue to handle the measurements for you. In either case, the package can include a computer and all necessary control and processing software.