Goniospectrophotometric Analysis of Materials

Our expertise in goniospectrophotometry finds its origin in our relationship with Avian Technologies LLC, where Dave Wyble is the Director of Color Science, which includes duties to maintain their Murakami GSP-10X GCMS – Goniopectrophotometric Color Measurement System. With this instrument, we have performed goniospectrophotometric analysis of materials.

Here is a more detailed explaination of goniospectral measurements. This instrument is required for cases where conventional single-geometry instruments are insufficient. For many applications, this is not limited to true “gonio-chromatic” surfaces (those changing color with viewing or incident angle). Whenever the full BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) of a surface is needed, goniospectrophotometry must be used to understand the complete reflectance properties. This is especially needed when a surface or object is to be viewed (physically or computationally) in an environment with complex illumination and inter-reflections between objects. The Murakami GCMS-10X allows for a wealth of surface scattering information to be captured. These data are applied in the various fields all relating back to materials appearance. Examples of candidate materials include: Office products Paints & plastics Metallics and pearlescents Wood grain Natural materials (rock, vegetation) Various types of printed substrates Any material used in architectural modeling software