Intellectual property evaluation and protection

Todays intellectual property climate is a complex field of patents, disclosures, portfolios, licensing, and attorneys. Not to mention the actual legal system through which you need to navigate. To help you keep focused on your business and your competition, Avian Rochester can provide the expertise you need to evaluate and explain the technical documentation to your legal team.

We have experience with the range of legal issues surrounding intellectual property evaluation and understanding. Depending on the perspective of your case, we can aid with the defense of your patents or the invalidation of your competition’s. Past customers have used us for a variety of color expertise, including projector design, filter applications, color measurement techniques, and more. After we interpret the relevant documents for your case, it is important that the material be communicated to your legal team as well. We have the skills to bring them to the point of understanding where they can confidently proceed with all aspects of your case. If it is new IP you need, we can help there too. The subject matter might be covered by existing NDAs, but let us know how we might be able to help with new ideas for your market.