MicroCalT24: Transmissive Microscope Color Calibration Tool

The MicroCalT24 is a 24 patch color calibration target packaged in a traditional 1″ x 3″ glass slide format. It incorporates a 6 patch neutral scale, and 18 chromatic patches, covering a wide range of colors. It is available with either NIST traceable individually calibrated transmittance data or nominal batch data. CIELAB or other color spaces are also available.
The broad color distribution is suitable for calibrating typical medical or analytical micro-imaging applications. The nominal color and spectral transmittance data are shown on below.
The base configuration (calibrated) is deliverable 4 week after receipt of order. In sufficient quantity other configurations and patch colors are available on an approximate 3-4 month lead time.
   Technical Information
Physical ConfigurationStandard 1″x3″ glass microscope slide
AssemblyFilm target encapsulated under cover slip
Film typeFujiFilm Velvia 100
Overall Target Sizeapproximately 1.0″ (25mm) by 0.65″ (16.4mm)
Individual Patch Sizeapproximately 0.17″ (4.4mm) square

CIELAB (D65/2°) b* vs a* data for chromatic patches (left) and neutral patches (right)

Transmittance data for chromatic patches

Transmittance data for neutral patches