Next Generation Camera Characterization Target

In late 2015, Avian Rochester, LLC was awarded a one-year contract to develop the Next Generation Camera Calibration Target (NGT) for the Library of Congress. That contract was completed in late August 2016 with the deliver of 20 complete targets. Besides functionality for camera characterization, the most important feature of the NGT is that it be physically robust against minor handling typical in routine laboratory applications. Existing targets, in particular those consisting of diffuse paint, are highly susceptible to handling, and are easily and permanently damaged when coming in physical contact with virtually anything. Such contact would minimally require the target to be re-calibrated, and possibly force the target to be discarded and replaced.

The NGT2 (cost-reduced version, available fall of 2019. Visit Digital Transitions Cultural Heritage to purchase.) has the following features and available options: Physically robust patches, including the ability to be gently cleaned of dust, fingerprints or other light soiling. A cleaning kit will be included. Color gamut approaches that of Munsell Book of Color (glossy edition) Additional colors emphasize regions of color space found in cultural heritage materials Compatible with FADGI guidelines and most available profiling software Sturdy machined aluminum holder All NGTs are serialized. S/N is on the front face near patches, and appears in the image for the permanent record. Lightweight molded plastic box, with serial number Patch IDs (rows, columns) in white lettering for easy identification in the images Optional NIST traceable calibration (45:0 or d:8) Custom labeling available (OEM, etc)

The NGT (version 1) has the following additional features: Protective cover magnetically attaches to target base Cover allows for proper measurement technique when using hand held instruments (see below) Attractive wooden box, with serial number A limited number of NGT V1 are still available. Interested? Email us!

The NGT V1 cover is designed to be used as a support when making measurements using a hand held spectrophotometer. Proper alignment is critical to accurate measurements.

The annotated NGT V2 target. The colors are arranged to facilitate a variety of imaging applications, including smaller sub-targets as shown.
Familiar colors
Expanded neutral scale
Heritage colors
Also shown are engraved row and columns labels, and individual serial numbers. The NGT V2 includes fiducial marks (indicated by green arrows) which will aid with some software packages when locating the patches for profile generation.