NIST Traceable measurements

Ideally, color measurements are made in a controlled laboratory environment, but for some applications this is simply not an option. We welcome the challenge to bring measurement equipment to your site and define the best methods to make the measurements you require. Generally these are for materials that are too large to practically transport, but there are other legitimate reasons, such as product security or other confidentiality that requires working at your facility.

Depending on your needs, we can make accurate measurements using traditional geometries or configure custom instrumentation for your unique application. In either case measurements can be made traceable to NIST, the principal entity in the United States for maintaining measurement standards. Applications for on-site measurements include: Automotive Outdoor equipment (farm, construction, other) Architectural (in situ or in the production environment) Production facilities for any large materials (wood, textiles, other) Any situation where the transportation of samples is too expensive or cumbersome to justify There are some applications where a specific instrument may be required for your measurements. For example, an existing process, may already be defined using specific hardware or software available with a certain instrument. For cases like this, we will secure the appropriate instrument for you (or use one you already own), and maintain the device at our site. You get the benefits of access to the instrument and we handle the maintenance and operation.